With this COVID crisis – and yes, I do believe it’s a crisis – many of us feel like life is out of our control. And it’s true. Many aspects of our lives are out of our control. We don’t know what this virus is going to do, how long the pandemic will last, we wonder whether have been exposed, if we’re in the midst of it, or even if we had it and pulled through.

What is certain is that these are uncertain times.

Regain control over something, anything

How might one do that?

Clear out that clutter. Release that excess. Pass on those things that no longer serve you well. Organize what remains.

It’s so simple, but as my friend says, “Simple isn’t always easy.”

Walk the talk

Like you, I’ve been feeling a little out of control over the past three or four months. To bring back some sense of control and productivity, I’ve done some purging and organizing of my own. What’s interesting to note is that even an organized person has a lifetime of opportunities to purge, to organize, and to let go of things that can serve someone else better. When it comes to Simplifying Your Life and adopting an organized lifestyle, we’re never really finished.

Seeking inspiration

In remaining transparent, my inspiration has been rather low during this shut-down. Perhaps you, too, have struggled with it. Thankfully, somehow I have mustered up the energy to do some things around my home and office that needed to be done, and in the process, I have created more breathing room and some new routines that will serve me well moving forward.

Below is a list of some of the at-home projects I’ve completed over the past few months. Some seem small and inconsequential, but when added together, they amount to a lot of progress. Perhaps as important, is they have given me a sense of having control over something, anything.

  • Cleared out obsolete paperwork from file folders
  • Reviewed and updated pertinent information on my Estate Planning Booklet (get your copy here)
  • Unsubscribed from a lot of email lists
  • Deleted digital files that were needlessly taking up space on my hard drive
  • Scanned computers for spyware and malware and deleted questionable files (now a weekly activity)
  • Cleared out and donated clothes and shoes I no longer wanted
  • Purged and donated games, puzzles, and coloring books
  • Purged and donated excess craft supplies
  • Donated holiday décor that I haven’t put out in a couple of years
  • Purged and donated a some books
  • Purged and donated excess kitchen gadgets (only of of which I’ve missed…my Pampered Chef pizza stone)
  • Purged and reorganized pantry, added fun labels to my canisters
  • Rearranged my family room furniture (changing up that energy is a good thing!)
  • Cleaned all my screens and windows (I abhor that task!)
  • Cleaned my window blinds (see above, ug!)

Progress, not perfection

One of my mantras is “Progress, not perfection,” and, that’s what I’m after. But, enough about me. I want to know about you. Does perfectionism keep you stuck? Have you been able to complete some projects that made you feel good, made you feel a little more in control?

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