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A Launch Pad

You need one! We all need one!

Great, but what is it?

A launch pad is a place in your home or office where you place the things that needs to leave your home. A launch pad is a flat surface, and in my case, it is an antique dresser that my Mother gave me (shown in photos). When you set up your launch pad, start referring to as such. Reference your “launch pad” and have your family start calling it by name, too. When you do this, and repeat it over and over and over, it becomes habit, and over time you you will have created an organizational solution that is utilized by you and your family!

What goes on a launch pad?

Permission slips or books that need to be returned to school.

Items that need to be returned to the store for credit or exchange.

A completed grocery list with coupons attached.

Tip: 1st item on grocery list: “Reusable Shopping Bags”

Reusable shopping bags (you even get credit if you use them at Sprout’s Farmers Market!)

The SOS process: Unload your groceries, put the shopping bags on the launch pad, and then put the bags back into your car so you always have them!

Coupons (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, etc,).

The SOS process: Place the coupons in an envelope marked Coupons and keep them in your door console so you have them when you need them. Nothing worse than going to Bed, Bath & Beyond or Kohl’s and realizing you left your 20% coupons at home!

Gift cards for places you frequent

The SOS process: Place the cards in an envelope marked Gift Cards and place them in your car or put them in your wallet next to your Frequent Buyer punch card. How many times have you pulled into Starbuck’s and forgotten your gift card at home? Keep it with you!

Books or audios that need to be returned to the library.

Gifts for the party you are attending.

Items you have borrowed that need to be returned.

A sticky note that relates to things you need to do while out running errands (ie., pick up Rx, pick up dogs at the groomers, go to the bank, drop off donations, dry cleaners, return jacket to my sister, etc).

Where should I set up a launch pad?

launch pad-andrea brundage-organizer-arizonaA launch pad should be set up near the door where you enter and exit your home or office. In my case, I enter my home through a door that is between the garage and my hallway. This is where I place things that need to be dealt with outside of my home. There is not a chance that I will not see those things when I leave my house, which means they will go straight into my car and will get taken care of in a timely manner.

What’s on my launch pad?

landing-pad-andrea-brundage-professional-organizer-arizonaWhen this photo was taken, I was heading out to run some errands. I planned to go to Costco so needed my coupon booklet with me. I wasn’t going to Bed, Bath & Beyond but I wanted to place the coupon in my Coupons envelope in my car (by the way, BBB coupons do not expire). I also needed to return the Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run” audio book to my library (by the way, an EXCELLENT read!); and I needed to take the blouse with me shopping so I could find some matching accessories for an upcoming wedding.

Closing thoughts

Set up a launch pad in your own home and I assure you, it will serve you well. And when you do, please post comments and photos. I love it when you implement SOS tips and share your successes with me. Need help figuring it all out? As always, I am here to help you and that help is a simple call or click away.