Have you heard the buzz?

Pantry Perfection. Netflix has a new show on organization called the Home Edit (HE). I’ve watched a few episodes and enjoyed it. If you haven’t heard about it or seen it, it’s Home Edit is a show that’s in the same vein as the 2019 Netflix series with Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. With that said, there are some stark differences. Kondo is gentle and demure while these two are giggly, huggy, fast-talking and fast-moving. They’re hyper-exuberant and funny; a great fit for television and social media. Oh, and they work with high-profile celebrity clients in most of the episodes.

My decision-making and organizing methodology is very similar to theirs and I find it refreshing to see young people adopting a simpler way of life. Yes, I think they get it.

I remind you that the end results shown on the show 1) are made for television, 2) are highly staged, 3) took a LOT of time, 4) required a huge team of additional resources and trades people, and 5) had very large budgets.

Here’s the reality: Yours might not ever look like theirs

I share this to give you a dose of reality, not to discourage you. The end results of the HE episodes are perfection. The canned goods, brightly colored water bottles, and cute labeled bins are gorgeously staged. Your pantry will look and function better, even if the end result doesn’t look much like theirs.

My pantry doesn’t even look like that!

I found myself looking for what I know to be true in the pantry episodes. Like where are the half-empty bags of chips, the sugar cannister that’s only 1/4 full, and the half-empty peanut butter jar with the lid askew? Where’s the mishmash of spice containers and cooking oils, and the bulky paper products?

And how interesting is it that those bags of snacks fit PERFECTLY in those bins. How lucky that these folks have just the right amount of matching, colorful canned goods. All perfectly staged.

Even as a professional organizer, my pantry (which is small, and yes, tidy) never looks like their finished projects. Nope, not ever. Mine is small and it’s more like a narrow closet with shelves versus a walk-in pantry. And gasp, we have some half-empty containers, and some dried goods that have not been dumped into clear, labeled bins! Personally, I don’t want to add extra steps to my life that aren’t all that beneficial or important to me. My small pantry was featured on a television show and I’m proud of that.

Side note

Even my clients with huge pantries don’t always end up looking like the ones on the show. Some do, some don’t, and it’s all good. The goal is to help them find their happy place.

Behind the scenes

The time and amount of staff it takes to pull off these 60 minute episodes is tremendous and noteworthy. In the real world, purging, decision-making, organizing, and processing discards takes hours. A small closet project can easily take 3 to 4 hours. A huge walk-in closet could take 8 to 16 hours or more, and that’s just to purge and organize! And a big variable with time is to consider how quickly you are able make decisions! Note: If you work with me, you will be part of the process.

Removing/adding shelves, redesigning spaces, painting or installing new flooring, selecting and placing accessories, shopping…all require decision-making, coordination, and time. Add to that, shopping, and creating and applying vinyl labels, which can take FOREVER! What I’m trying to say is yes, please move forward with the project AND maintain realistic expectations about how long it will take.

Perfection = stress

I’ve had conversations with people who say, “I’m in love with the Home Edit and that’s what I want my pantry and closet to look just like that! Can you help me?” Sure, I can! I can help you achieve your goals!

You might want pantry perfection, and that’s great. And, we’re going to discuss the reality of the space you’re in, the availability of time you’re willing to allocate to the project, and your budget. And, if it’s pantry perfection you’re after, I’m going to share my spiel about replacing stress from the mess with pressure for perfection.

Closing thoughts

  • My goal is to help you achieve the order and organization you desire.
  • I want to you to love walking into your space every single day.
  • Your space should support you.
  • I want to set you up to succeed by sharing simple. organized. solutions.
  • And I want to be a voice of reason, and truth.

Those made-for-television programs are great, but they’re just not real. If you want real, I’m here to help you. The best way to reach me is by visiting my website at www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com/get-started. Or request your complimentary 20-minute consultation. Either way, let’s connect!

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